5 Items You Need Within Reach When Flying With A Fussy Baby

Traveling with a baby is difficult, period. Whether it is across town or across the world, no matter how much you plan, inevitably, something unexpected will pop up. A parent’s job is not easy. In fact, it is about the hardest and most important position there is. If you intend to go on a trip that involves an airplane, there are things that you can do to minimize the hurdles of handling a fussy baby.

Prevention is the key to success in traveling with a baby. So, before you hop onboard, make sure that you have these five items to soothe a fussy baby.

#1 A charged device - If you have a little one that can be distracted by either a mobile phone or mobile device game or movie, make sure that the device is fully charged ahead of time. Just in case your plane gets delayed, invest in a good extra charge pack and bring a USB cord. Located around the airport, and onboard, are charge stations so that you never run out of entertainment for your baby, which can spell disaster.

#2 A pacifier cleaning kit - There isn’t anything worse than dropping your baby’s last clean pacifier. Make sure to pack a cleaning kit to have at your side just in case the pacifier gets away. All you need is a quart sized ziplock bag, a paper towel, and a drop of dishwashing detergent. If you drop the pacifier, throw it in the ziplock bag with a little soap and water and shake it around. Remove the pacifier and wipe it off for a clean and fresh one.

#3 A bottle - Powdered formula is a must when you are getting on an airplane. Since you will not be allowed to bring more than 3.4 ounces of liquid, which includes formula, pack dry formula powder and ask the stewardess, once on board, for some water to mix it in the empty bottle you have on hand. It might get a little tricky if the ride gets bumpy, but drinking a bottle will help baby to clear their ears when the cabin pressure goes up.

#4 An extra outfit - If your baby has an accident like either a leaky diaper or if they become motion sick, you will want to have both baby wipes and an additional outfit with you at all times. Nothing can make a baby crankier than having to sit in soiled clothes. Soaking wet outfits can make mom and dad fussy too.

#5 Blankets or toys - Make sure that you bring your baby’s favorite blanket or toy with you in the carry on bag. Sometimes in the midst of packing you can forget the things that children find the most comfort in. Make their favorite toy, blanket, or stuffed animal your biggest priority when you are making a checklist of things to put in the diaper bag to keep them feeling safe. Remember, flying can be very scary and chaotic for your baby. The more comfort you can provide; the better.

There is no way to completely eliminate the hiccups that come with traveling with a baby. It is no easy task. If you plan ahead, however, by making sure to have these five things at your side, your plane trip can go as smoothly as possible. For other great tips for traveling with your little one check out the great travel accessories at ncurv.