5 Travel Accessory No-No’s To Keep You From Being A Rude Flyer

Everyone’s sat next to a rude or inconsiderate person on a flight. Whether they sprawl their legs across the aisle like Columbus crossing the Atlantic, or sleep on your shoulder like a bearded baby, they’re all annoying. No one wants to be uncomfortable when they fly, and no one wants to make others uncomfortable when they fly. So how do you reconcile your comfort, with that of the people around you? Fortunately, mobile accessories like the ones you can find on NCURV.com can help you do just that. Still, there are some portable accessories that can have the exact opposite effect. So, here’s a list of 5 travel gear blunders that could wind up making you into everyone’s least favorite passengers.

#1 – Portable Speaker

What were you thinking!?!? A portable speaker on a commercial flight! No one wants to hear your post-industrial prog-pop grunge rock echoing through the pressurized cabin. In fact, never play anything aloud on a plane. Never allow any noise to escape your device and sneak its way into the unwitting ears of your fellow passengers. Do everyone a favor, and pick up some noise cancelling headphones or ear buds, and enjoy your flight at a more private volume.

#2 – Clunky Electronics

Sometimes you’ll see people shuffling their way through the aisle with a massive hunk of metal that looks like it was developed during the cold war. The atomic computing can wait until the flight is over! Instead, identify what it is that you’ll want from your electronics and find a more elegant way to do it. Between travel DVD players, mobile gaming consoles, and smartphones, there’s no reason why you can’t scratch that techy itch, without rubbing people the wrong way.

#3 – Massaging Neck Pillows

This one’s pretty rare, and the main problem with it is really in how much users seem to enjoy them. The problem with these isn’t so much the noise or vibration, but rather the people who use them. Everyone’s happy that you’re enjoying your massage, but adult moans and groans haunting their way through the cabin only serves to stress everyone else out. It’s uncomfortable, inappropriate, and gives everyone way too much information about your life.

#4 – Tray Organizers

If you’ve ever had the distinct displeasure of sitting next to someone so anal that they had to bring a tray organizer, then you’ve seen the darkest side of humanity. These monsters like to roll out a nylon overlay across their tray, so they can dangle all of their personal belongings inches above your lap. You might remember wanting to scream, “HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT THIS ISN’T OKAY TO DO TO PEOPLE!?!?!”

#5 – Overly Pocketed Jackets

This one’s really frustrating. In some people’s quest to maximize efficiency, they’ll decide to wear massive jackets (regardless of the weather) in order to bring as many personal items as possible. We all admire your thriftiness but please get your underwear pocket out of my face and stop sweating on children!

There’s no need to buy these ridiculous accessories when everything you need to travel in comfort is right here at NCURV.com. Here you can find all of the tips, tricks, and tools to make your and everyone’s travel experience as perfect as possible.