Security Simplified: This Method Of Packing Makes Airport Security A Breeze

A necessary evil of traveling in a post 911 era are the many security hurdles that travelers have to endure on their way through the airport. To minimize the amount of time that you have to spend in line and the hassle of being pulled aside, or, worse, having things confiscated, use this method of packing so that you won’t put up any red flags that will have you stepping aside for a second look.

Don’t ever take more than need be

Think realistically about what you need to carry on the plane and what you don’t need until you are at your destination. Checking your bags might be an additional cost, but to be free to go through security with nothing but a simple baby bag, can help to expedite the process and get you to your gate much quicker. Only take the essentials with you to get on the plane and pay the charge to have your bags checked. The cost is well worth not having to jump through hoops to get to your plane with baby happy and intact.

Adhere to the rules

Yes, the rules apply to everyone. If you are traveling with a baby, they will confiscate your filled baby bottles. Also, if you are trying to carry on your favorite kid shampoo bottle, they will confiscate it too if it is over the maximum liquid amount. There is no way to get around the rules and regulations set in stone by security. So, know what the rules are and don’t think that either they won’t catch you or that they will make an exception because your baby is hungry and irritable, they won’t. When packing, know exactly what you can and can’t bring in your carry on baby bag.

Forgo the belt

Wear pants or a skirt that doesn’t require a belt. One small inconvenience, it is just as convenient to choose an outfit that doesn’t require that you wear a belt. The metal in it will set off the security device, so it will have to be removed, which will have you scrambling for someone or something to hold your baby. If you want to hasten your trip through security, it is all those little things that add up to a big headache.

Wear slip on shoes

To speed up your time at the security checkpoint, wear shoes that can easily be slipped on and off. If you have shoelaces that will take a whole lot of extra time. Unless you are over the age of 75, it is best just to throw on some mules or flip flops than to go through the hassle of unlacing and lacing your shoes to get through the gate.

Don't be a wise guy

If you have a tendency to be somewhat snarky or to “bunk” the system, don’t think that razzing the security official is ever a good idea. Just one phrase can buy you time in the interrogation room. If they ask you a question, answer it honestly and without sarcasm. They don’t think that their job or your wise joke comments are funny. It isn’t worth it; security truly is no laughing matter. A security officer’s job is to keep you safe, not to listen to your stand up comedy act.

If you want to make it through security unscathed, then take steps to make things go more smoothly. Keep your jokes and wisecracks to yourself, don’t even whisper them, wear shoes that don’t take forever to take on and off, skip the belt and don’t think that you are above the liquid rules, no one is, and it will only end in your loss. The quicker you can get through security, the happier your baby will be. To see some great products that can help your trip with baby go more smoothly check out ncurv.