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Top 5 Money-Wasting Don’ts When Touring Abroad

Have you dreamed about your perfect vacation to Tahiti, Italy, maybe Japan? Everyone has but there is something keeping dream vacations as wishful thinking – money. The average cost of a 12-night international trip is $3,251 or $271 per-day. However, you can still travel at a cheaper cost! Cut down daily spending with your dream vacation by avoiding what not to waste your money on! Don’t Wine and Dine Every Day Eating out and drinking is fairly expensive. You can easily save money on food by following these tips: Order pay-by-weight food in realistic portions Eat at local restaurants rather than big food chains Drink during happy hour Eat leftovers for meals If safe, drink tap water instead of beverages...

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5 Travel Accessory No-No’s To Keep You From Being A Rude Flyer

Everyone’s sat next to a rude or inconsiderate person on a flight. Whether they sprawl their legs across the aisle like Columbus crossing the Atlantic, or sleep on your shoulder like a bearded baby, they’re all annoying. No one wants to be uncomfortable when they fly, and no one wants to make others uncomfortable when they fly. So how do you reconcile your comfort, with that of the people around you? Fortunately, mobile accessories like the ones you can find on can help you do just that. Still, there are some portable accessories that can have the exact opposite effect. So, here’s a list of 5 travel gear blunders that could wind up making you into everyone’s least favorite...

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