Top 5 Money-Wasting Don’ts When Touring Abroad

Have you dreamed about your perfect vacation to Tahiti, Italy, maybe Japan? Everyone has but there is something keeping dream vacations as wishful thinking – money. The average cost of a 12-night international trip is $3,251 or $271 per-day. However, you can still travel at a cheaper cost!

Cut down daily spending with your dream vacation by avoiding what not to waste your money on!

  1. Don’t Wine and Dine Every Day

Eating out and drinking is fairly expensive. You can easily save money on food by following these tips:

  • Order pay-by-weight food in realistic portions
  • Eat at local restaurants rather than big food chains
  • Drink during happy hour
  • Eat leftovers for meals
  • If safe, drink tap water instead of beverages
  • Pack food in your travel gear
  1. Don’t Depend on Hotels

Hotels can be luxuriously relaxing – a great addition to your traveling experience. At least, that’s what you would think. More than anything, they can be a money-pit. Their comforts do not come without an expensive price tag and there is a risk of belongings, travel accessories, and money being stolen.

Consider using free accommodations with locals, known as “couch surfing”. It doesn’t cost much if not free and it’s a terrific way to bond with locals and the surrounding culture. It’s a unique experience and you keep cash in your pocket!

  1. Don’t Let Your Phone Roam

It’s easy to get caught up in excitement and use your mobile phone to make a call or accidentally let it roam when you are preoccupied with your adventure. This mistake can make a ridiculous bill for when you come home. You can avoid getting crazy charges by:

  • Turning your phone’s data roaming off
  • Disabling auto-synching and push notifications
  • Purchase an international plan with your mobile provider
  • Only use your phone when connected to Wi-Fi
  1. Don’t Spend Top Dollar on Transportation

Although it’s tempting to travel in style, don’t waste your money. Save on transportation by:

  • Taking advantage of connecting flights instead of non-stop flights
  • Biking or walking
  • Using a bus instead of taxis
  • If possible, car pool
  • If you rent a car, get a discount, use coupons, and select a cheaper model
  1. Don’t Make Yourself Pay ATM and Foreign Transaction Fees

Some banks charge foreign transaction and ATM fees outside the country. Not only is this aggravating when you don’t want to carry cash but the fees add up when paying for daily expenses. Stop wasting money on fees by transferring to a bank where international use is not as strict or asking what your current bank can do for you.

If you have to make ATM withdrawals that include fees, limit them – keeping your money somewhere safe!

Save Money While You Travel

You don’t have to break the bank to travel the world. By avoiding money-wasting don’ts, you can tour abroad comfortably without having to worry about draining your funds. Visit NCURV for traveling tips, mobile accessories, and for more information!