FireProof Bag
FireProof Bag
FireProof Bag

FireProof Bag

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All-IMPORTANT to Store your most valuable documents and valuables in a safe place.  Always be prepared. 

 Anything can happen at any time.  Things like Fires, floods, and Natural disasters can occur unexpectedly. 

Your important documents like birth certificates, passports, cash, and jewelry needs extra layer of protection from these kinds of events. 

The Fireproof bag designed to give protection from Fire and Water.

 For the best protection use it in a safe or safe box to get maximum protection from fire or water disasters. 

 Keep your valuables protected so you don’t have to replace them. 

Made up of Non-Itchy SilIcone Coated Fiberglass for maximum protection from fire (dual layered). 

 The bag can withstand the fire and heat up to 1200 ℉. 

 Note- For the best protection use the bag in a safe box and keep the bag low to ground where there is less heat. 

This will help protect your items from Fire, heat, smoke and Water (moisture). 

Prolonged exposure to heat may still damage the item inside the bag.  Be sure to retrieve the bag as soon as possible.



If you're not thrilled with your new fire resistant bag, let us know and receive a complete, no-questions-asked refund. We care about your satisfaction